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Having studied on the same course and then working around the corner from these guys in the early days, the name “Attik” cropped up everywhere I went; if it wasn’t the lecturers or fellow students discussing them, they would be in all the design publications I was reading at the time. They were everywhere essentially and deserved too, creating a new style of graphics that would soon be copied by 1000’s of budding designers across the globe. It struck me the other day that I hadn’t heard anything of them for a while, so I checked them out! They been busy alright and after 7 years in the making, there’s a new version of their infamous “Noise” publication on its way — Noise 5 (Preview image shown)




  1. I have all these books except the first one titled “BOB”, and they are still my favorite design books, along w/ the Sagmeister and SINK WASH RINSE SPIN – Tolleson Design. They’re just full of ideas. Can’t wait for this new one.

  2. iv’e viewed a complimentary copy of Noise 5 and it really is a stunning peice of work.

  3. We had our launch last night – books available shortly. Thanks for the great comments.


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