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Promotional website for the documentary ‘swing state’ which debuts today at the Cleveland Film Festival. This film intimately follows the 2006 Ohio Governors race & how this will directly effect the upcoming 2008 Presidential Election.




  1. saw the documentary twice. a great story that has a personal side to it. gives you an idea of what a family lives thru during a political campaign. obviously, you must have a very strong family unit to make it thru.

  2. What a great documentary. I was moved uplifted and amazed what a great job done by such a young and talented man. Jason Zone Fisher and his crew did a beautiful job depicting what life is like for the political family. And yes what an amazing family unit they do have.

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  1. […] steaming back into the world of luxury brokers, our site for the tavivian group went live this weekend. we hope you enjoy it.on top of that swing state has been receiving a fair amount of praise. it’s been considered a ’supercharged creative bookmark’ by the kind folk over at xhilarate. it’s also been posted over at picked by six. […]

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