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“New York based gregory crewson is one of the most well-known and influential photographers working in the US today. his dramatic and moody imagery recalls surrealistic scene of americana. however the behind the scenes preparations for his imagery is just as impressive as the final piece. the video below gives an inside look at the work and manpower involved in creating a gregory crewson picture.”

Big Fan!


  1. He certainly puts a lot of effort into each shot.
    But with respect to his work, I’m always left with the question “so what?”. Perhaps that’s a good thing, that I am left questioning, not the image, but the effort put into achieving the photo.
    Also is he buying the image with cash rather than creating it with artistic talent?

  2. @yesbuts: I disagree with your last sentence. Yeah he is putting alot of effort and money for an image but its to give the photo authenticity. He is creating alot effects in pre-production that many would have be retouch in post-production. His methodically is very similar to the film making business where you do use the talents and strengths of a collective to create one piece of work. So to say he is buying talent is probably more correct statement.

  3. Striking work.
    Great to catch a glimpse of his process.

    p.s. the discussion regarding art made in a “factory”-setup (warhol, koons, murakami, barney)…unbelievable how it never ends.

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