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On the subject of remakes, Darren Aronofsky, the director of movies like Requiem for a Dream and The Fountain, has signed on to direct the newest addition to the RoboCop franchise.

The fourth movie is being fast-tacked for a 2010 release. Interesting!


  1. Should be really interesting… Big fan of Aronofsky, its probably going to be his most commercial film.

  2. hope its as good as the first film

  3. I’m looking forward
    To watching new robocop.I wish they
    Would bring back
    Peter weller and the
    Rest of the original

  4. me again not seen a lot of news about the film we want weller back make it gritty unlike robo 3

  5. im back for my 3 rd time any news

  6. i guess thats a no then whats going on

    • Sorry dude, no news. It’s all gone quiet . . . . . too quiet . . . .

  7. not gonna happen is it

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