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Ok, so every 2 or 3 months, as a bit of fun Me and Nick Cannons challenge ourselves to producing a new mix. Heres our latest offerings, both very different.


Psychotic Reaction (SS Part 2a) — Mixed by  I AM SUNDAY (Me)
Time:  52:27

Tags:  Jazz  /  Breaks  /  Soul  /  Funk  /  Vintage
Features:  Connie Price, Bob James, The J.B’s, Gil Scott-Heron, Ohio Players  plus more.


The Theatre of The Mind (SS Part 2b) — Mixed by  Nick Cannons
Time:  41:19

Tags:  Electro  /  House  /  Disco  /  Dubstep
Features:  The Invisible, London Elektricity, Tanlines, Passion Pit  plus more.


One Comment

  1. Top Mix, Top Marks

    Bottom Mix, Bottomed out link! Look forward to hearing it soon though (xfingers!)

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