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Picture 23

Picture 24

I gotta admit, even as a fan of Mr Jarvis, the first 20 seconds or so left me thinking “Humm, what’s the big deal”, then it got going! A lovely bit of animation (The running action is pretty much spot on), that gets cleverer the more you analyse it. I’d be interested to see how this was put together.



  1. Darren,

    This is almost certainly 3-D animation that was produced from motion capturing a running man – there’s loads of avitar’s available on t’internet that can be plugged into most 3-D anim packages. It then looks like the 3-D animation was rotoscoped to create the painterly/drawn effect. I can’t imagine how else the camera angles and zooms could have been made so smooth. Not without a saints patience and about 4 years anyway.

    Very nice


  2. Cheers for the feedback dude!

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