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As part of this year’s London Design Festival, Domenic Lippa of Pentagram has worked with the Festival’s Chairman, Sir John Sorrell, in curating the London Poster Project, a poster exhibition by 20 of the leading UK graphic designers and typographers including Tom Hingston, Frith Kerr, Alan Kitching, Fuel, Jonathan Ellery and Pentagram’s own Angus Hyland. Lippa commissioned the designers to produce a poster in red and black only that celebrates London as the creative capital of the world. Each silkscreened A1 poster was produced in limited edition of 100, 50 of which are available through the website Blanka. All 20 posters can be seen in the exhibition, which opened Saturday, 19 September and remains on view through 27th September at the Sackler Centre at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Via New at Pentagram.

From the ones I’ve seen this one by Studio Frith put a smile on my face :-).

Not a lot of design does that these days.

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  1. Ah bless your face

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