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From what I can gather, Qompendium is an evolving and ever-changing platform for philosophy, art, culture and science, represented by a series of print publications: magazines, books and monographs. Furthermore, it is enriched by a real gallery concept, a workshop and a fast-moving online portal. They just published a magazine of the same name.

Qompendium derives from Latin “compendium” and offers a summary of subjects from the fields of philosophy, art, culture and science. The magazine is set for the lovers of natural curiosity and rational amusement with a keen eye for photography, delicate graphic design, typography and in-depth discussions of metaphysical issues.

The reader will find himself amidst vivid short anecdotes on Apollo and Hermes, Hot-Jupiters, Martians, robot wars, celluloid beauties and beaus like Morgan Fairchild, Brooke Shields, Dolph Lundgren and Bill Gates, while stumbling upon Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Tim Burton, Orson Welles and Hypatia of Alexandria, herself. Sounds like an interesting mix, very ‘Six‘.

When it comes to production and printing, the magazine is proudly produced in Germany – a demonstration of premium print culture at its finest in utilizing various paper qualities, numerous custom colors and finishing techniques.

In this volume, the editorial board commemorates the 40th anniversary of Man’s Moon Landing Apollo 11 Mission by analyzing the rich diversity of the NASA and Hasselblad iconic archives.

For more images see their Flickr site. I want one, not sure which cover to choose though, all so nice.


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