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I was flicking through the new D&AD annual when I saw some work I hadn’t seen before.

McCann Worldgroup Hong Kong has created “Paper Battlefield”, a set of posters bringing to life the spirit of competition of the Nike Basketball League. The work has won the Grand Prix for Design at Cannes recently and this award follows the D&AD Design award earlier this month.

McCann were briefed by Nike to create a call-for-entry poster for the annual Nike Basketball League Competition, the most prestigious and competitive Basketball League in Hong Kong. The creative team literally translated the spirit of competition onto the posters. 350 posters were handmade by the players. Images of the top 10 players, each representing a unique skill, were turned into printing templates. Players were invited to a silkscreen workshop to print their image on top of each other. The posters became their battlefield. The random cross-printing became their battles. The printing process became the message.

I want one.


One Comment

  1. I spotted these when the awards site launched – they really stood out visually and then when you read into it you see what a nice concept and process it has too.

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