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Now that I have scooped my eyes back up off the floor after they melted out of my head looking at this stunning work, heres some info on Micah Lidberg, Illustrator/artist.

I am Micah Lidberg. I grew up in the Middle West of America and since the mid 80’s I really enjoyed it. I’ve since parted ways with the middle of the country – I’ve switched to the eastern beach. If for some reason I am not at the beach, you can probably find me in one of three cities – Kansas City, Minneapolis, or New York as these are my homes away from home.

As for my work – I’m shaken up by nature – every bit of it. It’s certainly a very deep and very wide thing. With nature, there’s plenty of room to explore and plenty to share. It’s an entertaining venture.

My interests include but are not limited to – drawing, friends, people, America, places outside of America, strangeness, and occasionally tea. We hear ya on the tea Micah.

Represented by Hugo and Marie.


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