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Narcotic Voodoo – Prodigy Tribute Mix (SS Part 1 of 2) — Mixed by I AM SUNDAY
Time: 37:34

Tags: Breakbeat / Techno / Electronic / Rave / DnB /
Features: Originals, Remixes, B-Sides, Demos, Rarities, White Labels, Cut-Ups and More.

From the age of 14 upto around 18/19, I didn’t listen to/buy music, I listened to/bought The Prodigy; I was a ‘one man band’ ( So to speak ), Influenced by the influx of pirate radio and the warehouse scene that was happening at the time in our area. 19 years since the release of ‘What Evil Lurks’ in 1991, they’re still doing gigs and still releasing new material. So ok, my musical taste has broadened/changed tenfold since then, however there’s no denying the nostalgia that listening to their first couple of albums conjures up for me.

So heres the first part of my tribute mix; If you weren’t into that scene or have no love for the Prodigy in ‘any’ era, this probably isn’t for you.




  1. is that a flying lotus baseline at about 21minutes in?

  2. oh yes darren, yes indeed! fantastic stuff! doing the boys proud and a bit of nostalgia on the side. nice. any more?

  3. Hey Tom, long time no speak. Its not ‘Flying Lotus’ as far as I know dude, I certainly didn’t add it in anyway. As far as I can make out from your time reference its a old track called ‘Pandemonium’… before FlyLo’s time.

    Richard; well thats just the first half half dude, I only released this as I couldn’t for-see when I’d finish the whole thing 🙂

  4. Hey man
    I loved the parts 1-3 but i see the download-link is broken. could you please re-upload? i so want to hear it 🙂

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