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For years people have tried to perfect amphibious transport, most have concentrated on land transport that has then been adapted to work on water. The Iguana 29 is different, it is predominantly a boat but thanks to fold-away tracks it can move on land. It may not be the perfect solution, I don’t imagine its speed on land is blistering, but it is damn cool.

I’ve wanted to feature the work of Blake Wright for a while now but have been unsure how appropriate his work is for this blog, but after his recent updates I don’t feel I can put it off any longer. The subjects to his work are usually either fashion (especially shoes) or gay culture but every illustration is riddled with Wright’s brilliantly irreverent sense of humour. His style is so casual that it could sometimes be construed as simply bad, but it fits perfectly with the humour in the images. A lot of his work is NSFW and if you aren’t a fan of nob drawings, or at the very least you don’t find them funny, don’t bother visiting his site.

Richard Haines’ illustrations are beautifully simple yet, his economy with lines doesn’t stop his drawings expressing the character and likeness of his subjects. Check out his blog here; a style blog where the photos have been replaced with his wonderful sketches. The odd photo does crop up showing you how wonderfully he captures people with his drawings.

Despite what the site for this product says, I doubt no animals were harmed in the making of this leather purse. But, you will still be able to sleep at night, even if you are of a vegan disposition, as they have been made from what would have been waste leather. Unsurprisingly these lovely coin purses have sold out but new orders will be taken soon apparently.

David Taylor treads the line between silversmith, product designer and artist. While his one off products and made to order products are simply beautiful some of the other items on his site are very humorous. Everything looks incredibly well crafted.

Matthew Porter’s photography would be nice even if they were just landscapes but, add some 1960s american muscle cars flying through the air so the pictures look like they are from an extreme episode of The Dukes of Hazzard and you have an awesome set of images.

Honestly Made is probably best described by themselves:

HONESTLYMADE is a selection of items that reflect a sensibility of simplicity, authenticity, and functionality. Products that are designed for a functional purpose, not a trend, but in turn influence creative culture. Timeless design that still holds substantial inspirational value today. Presented in a pure and simple way with no distractions to the innate beauty of the item. Products with a bias to the aged and worn, with a focus on honest thoughtful solutions to an end-use.


This has been and gone, but still interesting nonetheless. Newsroom 1986-2000, a project and exhibition of new work by ALEKSANDRA MIR.

“News becomes history as soon as it is reported. What fascinates me in talking about history is the paradoxical movement backwards while obviously propelling ahead with a story into the future. The 15-year time period covered in this show is of a recent past, a past that still unites many New Yorkers in recognition of a city at once familiar and long gone.”

See the work and the rest of the explanation here

“He is one of the art world’s most famous names – whose graffiti works sell for hundreds of thousands to fans including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But for years the true identity of the artist Banksy has been a closely guarded secret, known to just a handful of friends.”

Link taken from the MailOnline

“If you believe artist and inventor Paul St George then his “Telectroscope” connects New York and London via a (very) long tunnel running through the earth’s crust, with the images bouncing back and forth using mirrors.”


See Video

Typo Berlin, the 13th International Design Conference explores the reality of Image creation, with speakers such as Marian Bantjes, Jonathan Barnbrook, Stefan Sagmeister and Erik Spiekermann (Pictured). Runs From 29th — 31st of May.

Cool WWII poster by Glenne Grohe.