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Category Archives: Vanessa Dagnall

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DAIN was the hot topic of last year on the contemporary NYC street art scene and, although there’s nothing startlingly different in each piece, I’m really looking forward to popping into Rook & Raven this Saturday to see some more.

Surreal set designs from the very talented Rhea Thierstein for Tim Walker’s recent shoot for April’s issue of British Vogue.

Gorgeous shots of Patrick Roger’s chocolatey valentine treats from Estelle Hanania for todays story ‘Sugar Daddy’ on Nowness. (Via Nowness – obviously.)

Puff & Flock’s Pop-Up Shop injects much needed fun into Christmas shopping – Check it out at 8 Newburgh Street, starting tonight.

In addition to teeming with more presents than Santa’s Grotto, the Pop Up shop will also provide an immersive experience where you can experiment with make-up wallpaper, chill out on balloon furniture or sample life as a mermaid or octopus when trying on the Siamese Accessories made for a late event at the V&A.

Hope it’s a huge success Liss – save me some eyeballs!

Here’s Molly Schiot’s latest animation in response to Nowness and The IdeaLists open call for a fashion short. Schiot has animated Miu Miu’s 2011 Resort Collection by giving life to the seasons polka dots and hearts theme – clever and cute.

Holy fudge… this is incredible! Real Magick in Theory and Practice by Peter Crnokrak is a silk screen print, with hand-applied gold foil. ‘…the lattice structure is printed in super matte black ink on a gloss plastic – gives it a 3D floating, otherworldly quality.’

Found this on September Industry – if you get chance it’s worth reading the full post (& comments too), interesting stuff.

Kiko Mizuhara stars as the elusive Midori in the much-anticipated adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, directed by Tran Anh Hung. Here she is posing for the Barneys’ “Have a Foodie Holiday” campaign, shot by Japanese artist & photographer Nobuyoshi Araki.

Already a national treasure in Japan… think we might be seeing a lot more of Kiko from now on.

The legendary Albert Watson has launched his new book UFO this week. UFO (Unified Fashion Objectives) is a 40 year retrospective of his best work, including iconic shots of Christy Turlington, Johnny Depp, Uma Thurman, Jack Nicholson & this fella.

Designed by Swiss poster master Werner Jeker… nice.

This caught my eye – The text is equally as beautiful as the print. Specially commissioned by the Design Museum, this hand-drawn piece has been donated to sell as limited edition screen prints by Boontje himself to help them raise funds. Very nice too.


Just spotted these stuffed felt alphabet magnets from MiChiMa – they have loads of funky little fuzzy bits to buy.

Nice animation from Hayley Morris for Joker’s Daughter new single, Lucid.


Loving this knitted Kebnekaise beanbag by Swedish designers at Little Red Stuga. It’s designed for kids but I reckon it’s way too smart for sticky little fingers!!



Prada’s Parisian pop-up shop will be open for 5 months from today, located at Place Beauvau 92, Paris.

Designed by Italian architect Roberto Baciocchi, the new boutique has an innovative blend of classic Italian and French style – the exterior was inspired by the famous Maribel Bridge, whilst the interior retains features from Prada’s 1913 original Milan store.


Received an email from Hidetoshi Yamada promoting his messenger bag design in collaboration with Tubeline. The bag isn’t something I’d buy but really like Hidetoshi’s portfolio, especially this piece ‘Passion’.


Went to see La Clique at London’s Hippodrome last weekend; was gob smackingly good, so much so, I’m going back for more!


I’m intrigued by the life and work of Ray Johnson (1927-1995).

Raven Row are showing ‘Please Add to & Return’, a selection of Johnson’s mailings and collages until May 10th 09.


I used to be mad for Garbage Pail Kids in the 80’s; so much so I fell out with my best mate over ‘Joe Blow’… pathetic I know, but I was only 8.

Anyhow, the creator of the trading card phenomenon John Pound has teamed up with Stussy for their Spring 09 collection.



After seeing a selection of Toby Smith’s recent work Light After Dark in The Times this weekend, I was drawn to these shots of Ratcliffe On Soar.

Smith has visited every Power Station in England, shooting at night using long exposures to produce compelling imagery of something perceived as crude in reality.

I like the contrast in the aesthetic portrayed – our perception of what the structures stand for ecologically and our vast dependency on their source.

Looking forward to next weeks release of the latest Bat For Lashes album ‘Two Suns’. I love Khans new single ‘Daniel’ and the video’s cool too, directed by Johan Renck.


Leena Similu’s label Les Chiffoniers is predominantly known for its signature PVC leggings. Now she’s dazzling trends with sequins in some very cool pieces; in particular, this all-in-one.