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The Johnny Cash Project is a unique communal work, a living portrait of the Man in Black. Through their interactive website, participants may digitally draw their own portrait of Johnny Cash over a selection of randomly generated frames which are then integrated into a collective whole. As people all over the world contribute, the project continues to evolve and grow, one frame at a time. The results so far are superb, there’s a real mood and edge to the combined monotone stills that connects with Cash’s track Ain’t No Grave which deals heavily with themes of mortality, resurrection, and everlasting life.


Here’s Molly Schiot’s latest animation in response to Nowness and The IdeaLists open call for a fashion short. Schiot has animated Miu Miu’s 2011 Resort Collection by giving life to the seasons polka dots and hearts theme – clever and cute.

Yum Yum are Beth Algieri and Jonny Plummer, two directors / designers with a common passion for creating new and exciting things. They are working hard to get their toy designs available for you to own. Fingers crossed this will happen soon as I want them all!

Picture 23

Picture 24

I gotta admit, even as a fan of Mr Jarvis, the first 20 seconds or so left me thinking “Humm, what’s the big deal”, then it got going! A lovely bit of animation (The running action is pretty much spot on), that gets cleverer the more you analyse it. I’d be interested to see how this was put together.

Emaily friend, Crazy man and general Animation Supremo, Mr Fons Schiedon has done this cute little video for “VOICST”. Love it!

A New spot for Hitachi, A viral anime series for the online game Gaia, An origami inspired journey for AXA and a brand new very colorful spot for Sony. Nice Stuff.

I think this has been around for a few months, but this was the first time I have checked it out in full. This piece commissioned by Gap was produced by Chris Do and the team at Blind and features Danish Post-Punk duo, “The Raveonettes”. I love this, the exploration of different animations styles makes it for me; So beautifully done and only in 3 weeks too. Crazy!!