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We like a good bike at PBS, so when Stephanie from Underscore sent these over, our jaws hit the floor! Underscore have collaborated with bespoke bike-makers Vanguard, to produce these one-off limited edition series of four bicycles: Cloud, Rain, Mist and Dew.

Taking inspiration from the overlapping stages of precipitation and evaporation, elements of the hydrologic cycle were studied and distinguished to represent each bicycle, reinforcing notions of repetition, renewal, reflection and change.

All bikes were built as single-speed kinetic sculptures and fitted with coaster hub brakes. Cloud, Rain, Mist and Dew were exhibited in the Tokyo DesignTide 2010. Check them out here; Two have already sold.

Marek Chaloupka is a photographer from the Czech Republic. His photos of abandoned bikes are very creepy and sinister but I like them a lot.

I love this image. It’s one of many fine illustrations by Sebastian Pape.

Just seen this lovely limited-edition Italian bike modeled after a 1940’s Maserati winner. A limited run of 200 bikes were created (in commemoration of the 200 laps completed during the race), each individually numbered and selling online from Cicli Montante for €3,000. So nice! Seen at Cool Hunting

Victor, by Christophe Robillard.

Half-inched from Stuart Hobday.

Bike + Shelf = Bike Shelf!



Loosely translated as “tempting fate,” Sylvester’s ( Brakeless Bikes Founder ) newest creation was born out of an urge to do a different looking bike that’s also comfortable and fun to ride. The upshot is a bike not just with a clever name but that’s also a way of life. Two HED wheels, FMF handlebars, a vintage saddle, Nitto seatpost, Sugino cranks from Japan, Odyssey twisted pedals and a YBN chain from Yaban compliment the frame, made by Canadian outfit Marinoni.

A New kind of bike, Condor have developed in collaboration with Savile Row tailor Richard James. Looks swish! Full article here

Pashley have been lovingly hand-making their beautiful bicycles in Stratford Upon Avon for the last 80 years. Which is only a half hour away from our studio. Which is great. Somebody give me some money.

“The Cannondale BAD BOY, cycling’s original benchmark in coolness just got cooler. Presenting the Special Edition RAW CANNONDALE: the stylish result of a unique collaboration with denim brand G-Star. These limited edition bikes won’t last long. Visit your local Cannondale Retailer for details!”

Pretty Cool! (I know nothing about bikes?!)

Obey have teamed up with Japan-based Fuji Bikes for this limited edition fixed gear bike. The frame itself is a matte black with all accents anodized gold. This bike has many components that Fuji has made specially for this bike while also featuring: Miche Primato 48T crankset, Miche bottom braket, 18T fixed track cog, KMC Z410 chain and the Brooks Swift leather saddle. 300 of these bikes will be available worldwide, with 75 going to Obey clothing retailers. Retail price is set at $1,200. For more information, visit their site.