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I was going to treat myself to one of these, but I just spent my last spare £20,000 on 50 regular cameras.

Found at Hypebeast, via @Inventory_




These retro cameras from SuperHeadz, called “Blackbird, Fly” are reminiscent of the twin lens reflex Rolleiflex cameras, only these cameras take 35mm film rather than the traditional medium format film used in the originals.
In honour of the originals, these new cameras produce square images so you retain that full retro feeling when you’re looking at the results. The Blackbird, Fly can take pictures in standard 35mm film format (24×36), but using a different (provided) mask, it can also produce square format pictures (24×24). You can even remove the mask entirely and make a larger square format image (36×36), which fills up the entire width of the film, including the side sprocket holes.

All in all this camera seems to produce some lovely results.

Available from here amongst many other fine retailers.

Dissected lenses and cameras on display at the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin. This is neat! Found at Wired

Leica relaunch with a site that serves only to make me more agitated that I don’t own one. Thanks.