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Old photos are fascinating. Old photos that contain old cars are even better, for me at least. This Flickr set adds another facet of intrigue: old photos containing old cars, in old car dealerships. They are all from 50s and 60s America where subtly hadn’t yet been invented. Red and white stripy buildings, chandeliers, neon signs and huge lettering were de rigueur.


Lust, power and consumption are the themes behind DSCs latest body of work. An alternate world has been created where consumer brands are laid bare with a message that could be speaking from their collective subconsciousness. This is communicated by vivid urethane paint on steel and aluminum performance car bonnets. These represent racing car teams without the veneer of pretence, a world where brands, money, consumption and power feed off each other and consumers. The results are striking, high gloss panels that appear almost as lustful totems to modern society.

Death Spray Custom‘s latest solo show, Delight & Destroy, looks and sounds like one not to miss. Their approach to custom spraying is refreshingly original; a heavy dose of wit and irony aren’t seen frequently enough in car and bike customs or motor-sport.

Ok, I admit, this post is predominantly about celebrating the beauty of the Bertone pictured, but the rest of Benedict’s portfolio is definitely worth a look.

Matthew Porter’s photography would be nice even if they were just landscapes but, add some 1960s american muscle cars flying through the air so the pictures look like they are from an extreme episode of The Dukes of Hazzard and you have an awesome set of images.

Some lovely photos of Le Mans Classic by Laurent Nivalle here. They give a good idea of just how hot it was.

The website for the new-ish Mercedes AMG SL 65 Black Series. There’s a silly amount of wizardry thrown into the site, so much so that I managed to break it after a minute and a half — but when the car looks like this, I find it difficult to care.

I just saw Presence on TV tonight, an advert for Mercedes Benz. This latest advert is part of a campaign by Abbott Mead Vickers and features a number of different actors talking about different aspects of personality including presence, attraction and ambition. Presence stars Josh Brolin. Its directed by Johnny Green through Knucklehead productions. Dark and moody, languid and cool, it echoes recent Michael Mann films. View Presence here.