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KAMKAM is a design group located in Seoul, Korea, made up of three members – Hyunjin Seo, Jaekyoung Kim and Jaehoon Jung. Their recent piece ‘An Furniture’ is inspired by AX sheets of paper (A3, A4, A5, etc), which uses the same “Golden Ratio” principle to create a distinctive, economical piece of furniture. Me Like! Nicked from DeZeen.


What more can I say…It’s a piano in a table. Awesome!

6K at the ready folks!

Iconic furniture and lighting by Pinch, a collaboration between husband and wife team Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon.



Robin Grasby graduated in 2009 with first class honours in 3D Design: Furniture and Product from Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK. Driven by a desire to create rational, enduring, functional furniture for mass production. His design process starts and ends with the user; identifying what they need and want from a piece of furniture and how best it can enhance their lives.

With the increasing trend for home-working, Robin wanted to create a piece of flexible office/studio furniture that could be aimed at the mass market. To this end, he began his final major project by interviewing and photographing the workspaces of people in a variety of different proffessions, including designers, architects, illustrators, print makers, teachers and students. This informed a deeper understanding of exactly how people use the space around them, and how their environment directly influences their enjoyment and productivity at work.

From this research “Homework” was born.

Robin designed the desk by focusing on two zones; the work surface and the storage area below. In each case the aesthetic appeal is created by a graphic simplicity in his approach to flexibility and functionality.

The work surface is comprised of interchangeable tiles of various sizes, which simply slide into place on the desktop and come in a choice of materials and finishes including Desktop LinoTM and FormicaTM. In this way the user can select different colours and textures to customise the aesthetic aswell as functional aspects of their desk to match their taste and needs. There is also the option to include a built-in adjustable drawing board, as well as a self-healing cutting-mat tile with printed grid and a magnetic whiteboard tile for notes and doodles.

I want one.



Thonet, the oldest furniture brand in the world and the German manufacturer of high-quality furnishings, is producing a simplified form of bentwood and tubularsteel furniture for the Japanese retail chain Muji.

Muji’s prerogative was to make the new collections accessible pricewise without scrimping on the very high quality associated with Thonet’s manufacturing. Lovely stuff. Available only from Muji’s flagship Tottenham Court Road store.



This show by Gitta Gschwendtner, features a surreal collection of objects that were made to appear wounded. The objects themselves consisted of antiques and found pieces of furniture that are accompanied by glass elements that suggest life or hurt. The glass makes the objects appear to ‘bleed, sweat and ooze gunk or guts. Interesting!

“In 1938, Hans Knoll, then aged just 24 years old, arrived in the United States from Germany. One month later, he nailed a sign on the door of a single second storey room in New York that read: Factory No. 1. The Hans G. Knoll Furniture Company. From this humble beginning, his company, Knoll, grew to become one of the 20th century’s most influential producers of contemporary furniture. Seventy years later, Liberty, itself renowned for its championing of contemporary furniture, will pay tribute to Knoll by hosting a retrospective show of some of its key designer pieces from the past to the present, from Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Barcelona® chair to Ross Lovegrove’s Sprite Stacking chair.”

Past, Present and Future

25th July – 4th September 2008

I have no idea what a lot of this stuff is, but I want it all immediately. Beautiful products and furniture at Koizumi Studio.

Was looking for a new bag and stumbled across Fair-Kaeuflich, which besides having some sweet totes and holdalls, is selling this extremely wonderful piece of furniture — I feel some customisation coming on. Reet Good.


Check out this odd but excellent table, part of the Invalid series by Nina Farsen & Isabel Schöllhammer.


I can’t really make my mind up about this one, pretty damn weird! The desk was designed and assembled by artists Tom Spina and Richard Riley of Tom Spina Designs, a NY-based company specializing in custom sculpture.