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French is a very talented British illustrator, his work has just the right amount of ‘dark’.




During a recent business trip to the USA, I was lucky enough to spend some time in one of our clients design libraries where they had a meticulously well kept copy (all users were made to wear special gloves) of the Taschen published GOAT (Greatest of All Time) chronicling the life and times of Muhammad Ali.

The books’ statistics are almost as impressive the man himself. GOAT weighs in at a mighty 75lbs (34kg) and its footprint is 20 inches x 20 inches. 792 pages of 200gsm Galaxi Keramik semi-matte paper featuring 2 gatefold sequences with an 80 inch span and bound by the official bindery to the Vatican its £2250 price tag is expensive but, trust me on this, it is a book of incredible impact and beauty.

I’ll stick to looking on Ebay but with those with the means go to Taschen