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Julien has some nice bits going on at PlasticBionic



Good stuff from Gustav Johansson, recent graduate of Berghs School of Communication. Link via No Legacy


Check out Martin’s latest updates over at Mezzetty


Rodrigo works out of Caracas, Venezuela. His website’s got some cool stuff on it, I particularly like his fonts.


Text/Gallery is a new experimental showcase for art and design projects inspired by the printed and written word.

The Art of Lost Words is an exhibition of design, typography and illustration inspired by well, forgotten words.

47 participants have chosen from among the dictionary’s lost but lovely words, with an open brief to create an original work inspired by their choice.

Lovely words such as Murklins, Kexy, Jussulent, Molrowing and Fubsy to name but a few. Stephen Fry would be proud.

Shown above is Caliginosity by Andreas Pohancenik meaning dimness. UV varnish and invisible UV ink were screen printed on ebony plike 330gsm.

All items were/are for sale, but alas some have already been snapped up. Proceeds from sales go towards the National Literacy Trust.


Mark Blamire has informed me he has added 2 new items on Blanka. First up The Workbook 03 designed and produced by Nirvana Creative House. Secondly a Jeff Knowles poster called Nautilus, part of the Synthesis series.


Adam Tickle (aka Cultural Domain) has some great stuff.

A few years worth of good stuff from Karl Grandin.


Thanks for the introduction.

New stuff over on G-MAN’s Flickr page, including this proper clever piece.

Mezzetty , aka Martin Donnelly, launched Mezza V4 recently with a collection of work combining simple photography and typography.

Mr. Bowlegs updates with another bunch of great work. Good stuff

Great one-off piece by Mr Place, commissioned by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) for the president of SCE worldwide. Screen printed design on 6 layers of plexi-glass, encased in custom acrylic box frame.

Check out Karolin Schnoor’s work.

Mr Bowlegs relaunches with a fresh deluge of work. Reet Good.

Newspaper put together by Bath graduates Keith Hancox, Ross Granger, Ben Hamilton, Josh Roberts and Wayne Smith.

Cheers for the info, Keith.

Graham Jones / G_MAN has a jam packed Flickr set.

Get thee to Reserves, for typefaces, stock art & imagery. Thanks Mike.


Lovely Graphic Identity by the legendary Wim Crouwel.
La femme dans le vent, Leeser, Amsterdam, 1966.


Yeesh, that’s a lot of posters!