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Inside the studio of photographer Cindy Sherman, via Wallpaper


So Alex and Will have been busy again over at INT. Issue 4 of their publication is now available online and the lineup is pretty impressive, including interviews with Nick Knight, Neville Brody, Miranda July, Trokia, RBG6, Noma Bar and more. Every order placed before midnight on September 30th (the day before the official release) will receive a free screenprint by James Jarvis, commissioned especially for the issue. The print will be two colour, with a spot UV gloss, making it that little bit extra special and will come unfolded at 185 x 245mm. Looks good to me, congrats to the guys.

For the first installment of their new ‘Tools’ staple, Eye Magazine interview Mr. Jon Burgerman


Interesting article on Wired with the oddly Napoleaonic Hobbit director Guillermo del Toro — “The underground of the city is like what’s underground in people. Beneath the surface, it’s boiling with monsters.”

On a less ominous, shorter and furrier note, why not build your own Hobbit house.