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This life size Tetsujin 28-gō statue was built in in the city of Kobe in Japan last year ( called the Kobe Project ), with the hope of bringing more tourists to the area! I don’t need to tell you how cool this is.


Pictured is the “Shell” residence by Japanese architect, Kotaro Ide of ARTechnic. The project concluded its works in 2008; the sculptural shell-like structure was built in the forest of Karuizawa, located in the Nagano prefecture of Japan. Hell yeah!


Shukuno Rintendo is a Japanese bicycle brand. Between 1996 and 1998 they produced a special series of power assited bicycles, 2 of them were the Fire Trick Bob and the Water Trick Bob. The Fire Trick Bob had a small turbine which produced 4.4 horsepower of thrust. The water and air tanks of the Water Trick Bob could generate enough thrust for 50 meters.

Half-inched from Today & Tomorrow.

Tokyoflash is famous for making unique and unusual watches, pushing the limits of time telling…often defeating the purpose of the watch itself, but they still look pretty damn cool!

Chevron & Star, ST Viphop Hi, straight outta Japan. Nice