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The centrepiece of the July issue of Wallpaper* magazine is a unique collaboration between Wallpaper*, legendary art director Peter Saville and photographer Nick Knight. Take a look behend the scenes. (NSFW)



The cover of Naturalis x5.


Last night I was lucky enough to attend the launch for the latest Naturalis promo in Manchester. Naturalis x5 is the latest in a series of brochures produced by Gf Smith, Tullis Russell and SEA Design. This time around the brochure focuses on a project by celebrated Art Director Peter Saville and artist Anna Blessmann. Together they captured stunning digital images taken around the Tulis Russell paper mill, where Naturalis is produced.

Many thanks to Mark Jessett from GF Smith for his hospitality, Ryan Jones at SEA for kindly supplying the images above, and to Peter Saville for signing my copy of his Estate 1-127 book in Costa Coffee before the launch.

Kilgour make the finest unstructured jackets on earth, so naturally Creative Director Carlo Brandelli wanted them photographed by Nick Knight & Art Directed by Peter Saville. Mr. Saville also models.