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Beautifully crafted typography is always an eye catcher, and beautiful typography spotted in the everyday environment is even better. I have recently found out about Molly Woodward, a Brooklyn based graphic designer who has catalogued examples of declining but wonderful environmental type on the website of her Vernacular Typography project. It contains examples of urban typography from around the world, and is well worth a look.

All over the world, there are cities and towns that retain their rich traditions of vernacular signage … this website seeks to collect and document examples of these vanishing symbols of art and culture.”

Incredible new work from Matthias Heiderich, especially like Excursus: The Mountains.

Matthias is a self-taught photographer, Currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.

Really love the Sky Series by Eric Cahan.

The ongoing Sky Series are initially captured as sunrises or sunsets. Cahan uses as many as four different cameras ranging from 6 x 7 film to digital. Employing dozens of graduated filters traditionally used by filmmakers, his objective is to create a window into a time and a place, and to demonstrate how memories and colors shift and become abstract.

Via Minimalissimo

The Cahier Archive is a collection of extremely good Grand Prix related images. Ranging right back to 1951, it is surprising to see so many images that aren’t familiar even to an F1 fan.

What’s also great are the few pictures of the Tyrrell P34 which, surely, has got to be Six’s favourite racing car.

Dear Photograph is a really nice idea; I hope it takes off and there becomes a huge collection of these nostalgic images from all over the world.

Brian W Ferry may not be the Brian Ferry of Roxy Music fame, but once you have had a peek through his portfolio you will probably have a similar amount of admiration for him. I particularly love his ‘Notes On Italy’ series on his blog, The Blue Hour. It has made me want destroy my DSLR, replace it with a trusty film camera and run off to Italy.

I have no idea how David Benjamin Sherry gets colours like this into photography but as all his images are ‘traditional analog prints’ I think it’s safe to assume it’s not with the help of Photoshop.

I have been fascinated with the rest of his work too, not just because of the quality but also because, from the subjects of the photos to the names of his work, it is mesmerisingly obscure. Also, watch out for the picture of the different coloured fruit; it’s a bit NSFW.

I was in my local newsagent last week where I picked up a copy of the British Journal of photography and came across the work of Photographer Todd McLellan. Todd doesn’t have his own studio, but does have 24/7 access to two large downtown Toronto studios which are free to use as he likes. One of his recent projects is to painstakingly deconstruct everyday objects, lay them out in military precision and shoot them. He’s also shot some pretty awesome motorbikes.

These excellent photos looked familiar when I found them yesterday but, as is often the case, when I had previously seen them the photographer had not been credited and there was no link their site. So, to rectify this situation, the photographer is Jasper James and this is his site.

Gorgeous shots of Patrick Roger’s chocolatey valentine treats from Estelle Hanania for todays story ‘Sugar Daddy’ on Nowness. (Via Nowness – obviously.)

My love for some good landscape photography might make me biased but, Dan Holdsworth’s shots are nothing short of epic.

Marek Chaloupka is a photographer from the Czech Republic. His photos of abandoned bikes are very creepy and sinister but I like them a lot.

I am not sure if its the fact these landscapes by Marco Suarez have been cropped into circles that makes me like them but I think I’d still be a fan even if they were in a more conventional format.

The Space Project by Vincent Fournier is based upon Jules Vernes book, “From the Earth to the Moon”. It is a photographic archive of the most representative space organizations in the world: Gagarine Cosmonaut Training Center near Moscow (Russia), Mars Desert Research Station in Utah (US), observatories in the Atacama Desert (Chile), and the Guyana Space Center in Kourou (French Guiana).

The Photographers’ Gallery is holding an auction at Christie’s on Thursday 17 February 2010 to help raise funds for the construction of a new building in the heart of London’s West End. Up for grabs is work by Rineke Dijkstra, Tracey Emin, Maryin Parr, Bill Brandt, Corinne Day, Terry O’Neil and more.

Tod Kapke is an Illustrator and Photographer, who creates all his own models, sets and costumes in order to produce his work, which ranges from manipulated to straight photo-illustration. I respect the time and effort he dedicates to all the processes involved, from idea to finished piece.

The dutch photographer, Robin de Puy has an excellent collection of photographs; I especially like his portraits.

Amazing work from Greg White as ever. Love this series taken in Norway. Nicked from Visuelle

Up until recently I have considered American Hot Rods to be crass and a bit tasteless but my eyes have been opened to a specific style that I can very much appreciate. I won’t bore you with what I think makes a nice Hot Rod but needless to say Christopher Wilson’s brilliant photos contain a few. His other photos, ones that don’t contain cool Hot Rods, are also spectacular.

A good landscape should not be underestimated and Matthew Turley has some brilliant shots of very beautiful locations.