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Tag Archives: Portfolios

Rietveld Chair, built from a left-handed drawing (Julien is right-handed, I hope). Found at But Does It Float


This guy knows his way around a pen and a bit of paper — via Booooooom

American Lookalike, new work by Emil Hartvig. Good stuff.

Our favourite intern, Will Beaumont, has just graduated and is now officially a grown-up — and his stuff is RatherNice™

Julien has some nice bits going on at PlasticBionic


Love this stuff by Krakow based Zalibarek. Nice site too.


Good Morning Rachel is a short film by Christopher Hewitt.

Link half-inched from Modern Thought.



Sam McKinniss is a 17 year old artist from Boston. His painting skills are exceptional and I love the awkward, poorly set text that appear in quite a few of his paintings.


Received an email from Hidetoshi Yamada promoting his messenger bag design in collaboration with Tubeline. The bag isn’t something I’d buy but really like Hidetoshi’s portfolio, especially this piece ‘Passion’.


Good stuff from Gustav Johansson, recent graduate of Berghs School of Communication. Link via No Legacy


Check out Martin’s latest updates over at Mezzetty


Amy Bennett creates oil paintings of her own scale models. She considers carefully the story behind the miniature communities she makes and the results are amazing.


Play them drums, you bug-eyed freak, you.


There’s a certain logic to the work of Ole Jensen.


Rodrigo works out of Caracas, Venezuela. His website’s got some cool stuff on it, I particularly like his fonts.


Reno Ranger is a very talented photographer based in Germany. Some fantastic work in this portfolio, one for the memory banks.


Mr. Hobday, a good friend of mine for (yeesh) 15 years, has a new site on which he unloads the entire contents of his head. Very nice looking job, young man.


London based multi-disciplinarian Edward Heal just launched his brand-spanking new portfolio. Good stuff.


Mr. Bowlegs let us know he’s updated. Looks like he’s as prolific as ever he was. Good stuff


Adam Tickle (aka Cultural Domain) has some great stuff.