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This cool looking watch was designed by inspired by Yiran Qian, who took his inspiration from the calm centre of a storm.


David Taylor treads the line between silversmith, product designer and artist. While his one off products and made to order products are simply beautiful some of the other items on his site are very humorous. Everything looks incredibly well crafted.

Bike + Shelf = Bike Shelf!

I want me a ‘leany’ bookcase!!

What more can I say…It’s a piano in a table. Awesome!

6K at the ready folks!

Iconic furniture and lighting by Pinch, a collaboration between husband and wife team Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon.



Robin Grasby graduated in 2009 with first class honours in 3D Design: Furniture and Product from Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK. Driven by a desire to create rational, enduring, functional furniture for mass production. His design process starts and ends with the user; identifying what they need and want from a piece of furniture and how best it can enhance their lives.

With the increasing trend for home-working, Robin wanted to create a piece of flexible office/studio furniture that could be aimed at the mass market. To this end, he began his final major project by interviewing and photographing the workspaces of people in a variety of different proffessions, including designers, architects, illustrators, print makers, teachers and students. This informed a deeper understanding of exactly how people use the space around them, and how their environment directly influences their enjoyment and productivity at work.

From this research “Homework” was born.

Robin designed the desk by focusing on two zones; the work surface and the storage area below. In each case the aesthetic appeal is created by a graphic simplicity in his approach to flexibility and functionality.

The work surface is comprised of interchangeable tiles of various sizes, which simply slide into place on the desktop and come in a choice of materials and finishes including Desktop LinoTM and FormicaTM. In this way the user can select different colours and textures to customise the aesthetic aswell as functional aspects of their desk to match their taste and needs. There is also the option to include a built-in adjustable drawing board, as well as a self-healing cutting-mat tile with printed grid and a magnetic whiteboard tile for notes and doodles.

I want one.



The guys at dag-designlab, created this ‘Savoye Table’ dedicated to Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye. The one off piece consists of steel legs and a wooden plate covered with a veneer illustration of the iconic building.


There’s a certain logic to the work of Ole Jensen.


Barky is a simple table made from a raw-edged wood round. Rega RB251 arm, Premotec motor, and upgraded glass platter. Poly-sealed and paste waxed. Available! Hell Yeah! Check out the rest


Boris Johnson’s competition to design an heir to the Routemaster, the beloved double-decker, has yielded two winners, and an eccentric convoy of runners-up. Heres the design by Foster + Partners, with Aston Martin.


“The theory of the borderline means that we, as an Italian design company we have a destiny, and this destiny is to live and to work as close as possible to the borderline. The borderline is dividing two very different areas: the area of the possible and the area of not possible. The area of the possible is being represented by new projects and ideas, that in the end people will understand, will like, desire, and then maybe buy. And the area of not possible being represented by new projects that people are not ready to understand.”

Read the full article here



…and whilst were on the subject of product design, I present to you the ‘alessiphone’. Launched at the macef milan fair 2009, this new cordless phone designed by stefano giovannoni is made from polycarbonate exclusively for Alessi. The two parts are divided by a hole in the centre, in which it illuminates when the phone rings. The phone comes with a selection of pre loaded background displays and ring tones exclusively produced for this model. Love It!



This looks like a really cool bit of design. Apparently by having your feet inside the two turning wheels the 360 board mimics the characteristics of riding a snowboard but the 360 can ride on grass and other non snowy ground. Last week Francesco Sommacal won a prestigious Red Dot design award for all his hard work.


Office Collaborated with 826 Valencia, a non profit tutoring centre for youth, to reinvigorate its pirate supply storefront. Some really nice stuff here and in the rest of the folio.

Just when you thought that clothes racks are forever to stay mundane, KAYIWA excavates the DINO.

This clothes rack complements your foyer, boutique, lounge, cloakroom or wardrobe. DINO is aesthetic and fully functional for coats and jackets or adults and children owing to the differently sized hangers.

For public places, coat checking is easier and neat with the numbered hangers. In addition, the cartilage and ample space reduce friction and allow the independent movement of the hanger(s).

Young Finnish product designer Lincoln Kayiwa sent us this design for a welcome evolution of the traditional chopstick — The Tukaani — helping us to look cool rather than dyspraxic when chomping sushi. Thanks Lincoln.

Blu Dot have teamed up with Herman Miller to make this Cognita storage bench, which goes very nicely with the Nelson Swag Leg desk.

Aruliden have designed and developed the Ultramagnetic paddle and ball case for Puma. No zippers, no buttons, no hard to close mechanisms. Simply magnets. Simply beautiful. Ping Pong!

Seriously cool, Seriously minimal products from Japan. Founded by Naoto Fukasawa, PMZ product design stems not only from rigorous paring of excess, but from calculated development decisions. His fifth collection has just been released, but dont get too excited, there hasn’t been many distribution channels developed yet. Nice to look at though, eh?