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Mr Daniel Eatock has recently updated his site with a new series of object-based works called One + One. Each establishes a range of formal, practical or conceptual conceits connecting two otherwise independently existing objects.

Currently on show at the Stanley Picker Gallery.


I’m totally in awe of Ron’s work; There’s something about the scale of his sculptures that makes you want to stare at them endlessly. I need to see these in the flesh. Nicked from INT


These woodcarvings by the italian artist Gehard Demetz, left me speechless. Amazing and Captivating. See more here


Luke Jerram’s Viral Sculptures exhibit, now showing at the Smithfield Gallery, London.


Things That We Learn is a great blog/resource, featuring lots of stuff outside the normal fare — including this, a showcase of some annoyingly talented toy and figure sculptors.



This sculpture, by Jonathan Schipper, is a machine that advances two full sized automobiles slowly into one another, simulating a head on automobile collision. The gear system can be adjusted so that the crash occurs over the period of a few days, up to one year or more. The movement can be made so slow as to be invisible.

Spanish artist/designer Jaime Hayón is artistic director at Lladró. He has recently designed The Fantasy Collection, in a style he describes as Mediterranean Digital Baroque. Check out his studio and his monograph Jamie Hayón Works published by Gestalten.

You can see Marc Quinn’s Planet along with works by the likes of Salvador Dali in the grounds of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire until November 2 2008. Link pilfered from the serif.

“Flesh, blood, excrement, the human skeleton, animal carcasses and DNA as an
information storage system are among quinn’s favorite subjects; but they give rise
to intensely meaningful expressive forms using the eternal perfection of white marble,
pharmaceutical products, wax suffused with blood, and cryogenically frozen flowers.”

marc quinn
galerie hopkins-custot at fiac
paris, france
october 23-26, 2008

This stuffs cool, see and read more here

REBIRTH is a unique futuristic and provoking wooden sculpture by Arne Quinze for the well-Known and distinguished five-star Paris hotel Le Royal Monceau on Avenue Hoche. Swish! See Timelapse here