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I’ve wanted to feature the work of Blake Wright for a while now but have been unsure how appropriate his work is for this blog, but after his recent updates I don’t feel I can put it off any longer. The subjects to his work are usually either fashion (especially shoes) or gay culture but every illustration is riddled with Wright’s brilliantly irreverent sense of humour. His style is so casual that it could sometimes be construed as simply bad, but it fits perfectly with the humour in the images. A lot of his work is NSFW and if you aren’t a fan of nob drawings, or at the very least you don’t find them funny, don’t bother visiting his site.




A recent collaboration between DC and Aaron Rose.

“As one of the cornerstone figures to the alternative art scene, Rose’s aesthetics are very much influenced by the mod subculture which originated from London in the 1950s. His items for this collection reflect his artistic sensibility with a simple punk-inspired fur-lined olive parka, and understated, simple mid and low top sneakers that are reminiscent of desert boots. These shoes are simple in design without excessive embellishments other than cross stitchings around the ankles of the shoes.”