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Today is the ‘official’ launch of Bibliothèque Editions from London based design consultancy Bibliothèque. The Editions shop was ‘soft launched’ last week to all the people who had registered interest last year when it was announced on their website, following a revamp. It features limited numbers of art prints, posters and brochures the team have designed over the years. My pre-order arrived on my desk today like clockwork, packaged with the same due care and attention you see in their work.

Go on, treat yourself.


Coming from a graphic design background Frederique Daubal is a French artist and photographer working with clients such as Arkitip, Beams Japan, Colette Paris and Feiyue. She also experiments with textile as a 3-Dimensional medium and creates products using second hand pieces which are for sale in her online shop. For this series, ‘Hide and Seek’, Daubal cut out pages from fashion magazines to make masks resembling Muslim veils – a thought-provoking art piece on what it means to be French today.


I know this has been doing the rounds for a while, but we love this site selling rare and hard to find books, keep up the good work Counter-Print!


While we’re on the subject of CIA — after a hugely successful launch at their Covent Garden exhibition, they have a whole bunch of limited edition prints for sale. Jolly good stuff.