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Will’s new exhibition entitled “Bad Reception” will showcase never before exhibited works, painted over the course of the past two years – This will feature paintings in acrylic, spraypaint, oil and ink, as well as a brand new limited edition hand pulled screen print by the artist.

Synopsis“When I used to phone up Duncan (Mr Jago) he would have to go and stand on a chair in his kitchen to get reception, so I painted ‘Bad Reception’, the first painting I made for this body of work and the title of the show. You can see a character standing on the ledge outside his flat on the 25th floor. Does he have to stand on the ledge to get phone reception, has he just been given terrible news and he is about to jump, is he spying on the penthouse opposite, or does he just like standing on the ledge?”

I’m looking forward to this one.

Private View – Thursday 28th November, 6-9pm
Running from – 29th October – 14th November 2010
@ StolenSpace gallery, London


“Anyone who has been going out in a major city in the UK, and in the fact the world, in the last 10 years, will have picked up a Don’t Panic Pack. Starting in London in 2000 these packs are collected and sought after across the globe by those interested in the city’s arts and culture for the information inside and in particular the highly collectible and valuable Don’t Panic Poster. This unique format has provided a springboard for young creatives and a source of free art for a generation of urban aficionados. Delivered in the ubiquitous Don’t Panic Packs, the Posters have become part of the cityscape across the UK and a treasured component of a night out. In ‘Wild Fantasies’ Don’t Panic Exhibition, come and see some of the highlights by people like Andrew Rae, Banksy, Pentagram, Lucy McLauchlan, Blue Source, Elliot Thoburn, Paul Insect, David Shrigley, Jon Burgerman, James Goggin, Kam Tang, Steven Wilson, Kate Moross, Kate Gibb, Stanley Donwood and many more.”

‘Wild Fantasies’
A Decade Of Don’t Panic Posters
24.09.10 – 03.10.10
An Exhibition Celebrating Ten Years Of The Don’t Panic Poster Guest Curated By Leon Martyn.