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Beautifully crafted typography is always an eye catcher, and beautiful typography spotted in the everyday environment is even better. I have recently found out about Molly Woodward, a Brooklyn based graphic designer who has catalogued examples of declining but wonderful environmental type on the website of her Vernacular Typography project. It contains examples of urban typography from around the world, and is well worth a look.

All over the world, there are cities and towns that retain their rich traditions of vernacular signage … this website seeks to collect and document examples of these vanishing symbols of art and culture.”

Maricor / Maricar have a lot of spectacular work; I particularly love their stitched typography. They do some pretty amazing things with paper too.

Damn, I wish I could read this — Fedra Hindi, by Peter Bilak & Satya Rajpurohit. Via DesignObserver

Inspired by vintage printing blocks, this beautifully finished chest of 26 drawers by Kent & London is made from solid oak – the perfect place to file everything from A-Z. Available at Kent & London

Link via Hob


Here’s a bunch of fonts I made a while back — they’re all free, so help yourself


Garamond Powerline — yum.


Go and have a look at Design Observer’s ‘Todays Images’ — always stimulating.


Bruno Maag, founder of Dalton Maag, gave a fascinating talk last night at Leicester De Montfort Uni entitled Religion, Rabbits & Type. Inspirational, insightful, opinionated (in a good way), all round Reet Good. All this, and a recipe for rabbit in saffron risotto thrown in for nowt.

Thanks to Mark Jesset of GF Smith for his organisation skills – keep em coming, dude.


One of my favourite things is watching what the untrained eye can do with typography — give your average Joe a day-glo ‘sale’ sticker, or a fire door and a paintbrush, and wonderful things start to happen.
Lucky for me then, this book by Siaron Hughes is chock-a-block full with greasy bucketloads of typo commandment breakage, crass signage, awfully laid out menus and gorgeously grubby handwritten notices promoting the varied and honorable services of pretty much every late night stop-off that ever bulk-battered poultry. My only gripe with the book is that I didn’t think of doing it. Virtual high-fives all round.

Also, you can read a much better review than this one here


Rodrigo works out of Caracas, Venezuela. His website’s got some cool stuff on it, I particularly like his fonts.

Ed Fella's Posters 6/06

Hand drawn greatness from Ed Fella.



Back in late ’08 British graphic designers were asked to express their relationship with Tokyo in the form of a poster. The results formed an exhibition ‘How Very Tokyo’ curated by Studio Kanna. The prints are now available to buy from the Open Library shop. Bibliothéque, Spin, North and Browns amongst others contributed. Photos from the printers and exhibition can be seen at their Flickr set here. Via GC.


For subliminal messaging and such. Found here, available here.

Marta Cerdà Alimbau launches her site, lovely type and illustration!

Via Reform&Revolution

Some nice typo stuff over at Gluekit

Mezzetty , aka Martin Donnelly, launched Mezza V4 recently with a collection of work combining simple photography and typography.

Lovely typography and work by Clara Terne.

The work of Marian Bantjes, as featured in this months CR Monograph.

Subtitled ʻA concise yet rich discussion of all the small things that enhance the legibility of textsʼ, Jost Hochuliʼs guide to micro-typography considers everything that can happen within a column of text. The book was published first in German in the 1980s. This is the first English edition, completely revised and adapted for todayʼs conditions. Available to buy at Typotheque.

Alex Trochut has posted another glorious batch of recent work on his site. Go let your eyes melt.