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Directed by Tim Richardson, ‘6 Breaths’ is a two part film installation for the world premiere of Sydney Dance Company choreographer Rafael Bonachela’s latest work. A combination of 3D scanning and animation, the films are described as an expression of breath in three dimensions. The narrative within the films follows the thematic cycle of life within Bonachela’s choreography. From beginning: first breath, to end: last breath and rebirth.

A series of stunning colour stills were produced to work along side the video footage as part of the print campaign and can be viewed here.

Via New Industry Arts



Nice short experimental film shot by Wyld Stallyons on a Canon 5d MKII

I’m a big fan of Mike Giant. You can See why he got the name “Giant” and how he’s kept pushing his art form limitations, as he talks about his tattooing and his new solo show at White Walls.

New Video for Gnarls Barkley by Chris Milk. Odd but Cool.

Emaily friend, Crazy man and general Animation Supremo, Mr Fons Schiedon has done this cute little video for “VOICST”. Love it!

A New spot for Hitachi, A viral anime series for the online game Gaia, An origami inspired journey for AXA and a brand new very colorful spot for Sony. Nice Stuff.