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Honestly Made is probably best described by themselves:

HONESTLYMADE is a selection of items that reflect a sensibility of simplicity, authenticity, and functionality. Products that are designed for a functional purpose, not a trend, but in turn influence creative culture. Timeless design that still holds substantial inspirational value today. Presented in a pure and simple way with no distractions to the innate beauty of the item. Products with a bias to the aged and worn, with a focus on honest thoughtful solutions to an end-use.




Really like the sweet, vintage style of this girl!


Open until the end of August within the much coverted front room space of the St Martins Lane Hotel, IDEA Books is the creation by the doyenne of the vintage book Angela Hill.

The temporary shop contains an extensive selection of previously unseen books and magazines, sought out by the devoted Hill over the years.

Focusing on the fields of design, art, fashion and photography, the selection of titles available range from £10 to £5,000.

Works include photography from David Hamilton and Andreas Gursky, fashion from Avant Mode and Ritz and architecture by Archigram and Site.



This awesome calendar was designed by Dan Reisinger for the Museum of the Modern Art in New York. Bootiful! Nicked from Grain Edit.