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What fun !!
(Nabbed from @FFF)


Love this stuff by Krakow based Zalibarek. Nice site too.


Saw this on a blog a couple of weeks ago and it’s stayed with me. Days With My Father is a journal of the relationship between photographer Phillip Toledano and his father, for whatever days they have left together.


The Sony World Photography Awards takes place next month in Cannes. The week-long festival is a celebration of the photographic culture, history and image with awards presented to professionals and amateurs.

The site is well worth a visit with a range of stunning images covering current affairs, sport, art, architecture and much more.

The website for the new-ish Mercedes AMG SL 65 Black Series. There’s a silly amount of wizardry thrown into the site, so much so that I managed to break it after a minute and a half — but when the car looks like this, I find it difficult to care.

Diesel get all artsy fartsy.

Mr. Terry Richardson shoots piccies of Jade Jagger and Vincent Gallo for Belvedere Vodka.


Got a problem? Talk to God.

Thanks, Coolhunter.

National Television have a new site. Can’t make up my mind about the site itself, but some of their work is pretty fancy-pants.

Link liberated from the FWA.

I will never watch this movie as it contains zombies, of which I have a mortal and completely irrational phobia. Site’s quite cool though.

Good, but odd, but good, but odd, but good, but odd, but good, but odd, but good, but odd, but good, but odd, but good, but odd . . . . 

Another 3d box / spinning image / dead clever website, this time for Absolut. It’s like “If You Could” for the masses.


Leica relaunch with a site that serves only to make me more agitated that I don’t own one. Thanks.