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Madame Peripetie is a Polish photographer based in Germany. I believe her name translates as Mrs. Unexpected and unexpected is certainly the feeling you get when looking at her beautiful images.

She explores the boundaries between fashion, sculpture and the human body, experimenting with various fabrics and patterns; whilst infusing high-fashion elements with abstract and conceptual ideas, creating an eccentric escapade of color and texture. In her work she is focusing mainly on the interaction between body, language and new media. Her inspirations include surrealism, dadaism as well as the new wave era of the 80s, British post punk scene and the avantgarde theater of Robert Wilson.

The images shown here are taken from a set titled ‘Dream sequence’.


Tamas Dezso is a documentary fine art photographer working on long-term projects focusing on
 the margins of society in Hungary, Romania and in other parts of Eastern Europe. His photographs
 have been published in TIME, The New York Times, National Geographic, GEO, Le Monde Magazine, 
Ojo de Pez, Polka Magazine and many others. Check out his latest work here. More of Tamas’s past work can still be viewed on his old website.

Check out Tokyo-based photographer Hiroshi Manaka. Amongst others he has shot for Dazed & Confused, Tokion and GQ magazines.

Coming from a graphic design background Frederique Daubal is a French artist and photographer working with clients such as Arkitip, Beams Japan, Colette Paris and Feiyue. She also experiments with textile as a 3-Dimensional medium and creates products using second hand pieces which are for sale in her online shop. For this series, ‘Hide and Seek’, Daubal cut out pages from fashion magazines to make masks resembling Muslim veils – a thought-provoking art piece on what it means to be French today.


Olivier got in touch last week to tell us his new site is live showcasing his latest projects. Pictured above is one of a series he created for Design Miami, which incidentally is back again in June.