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I can’t speak very good French, I can just about get by in a boulangerie. My language deficiency doesn’t stop me being able to enjoy the excellent work of Sanaa K though. Her illustrations feature a lot of French text and, from what I can gather, are autobiographical. She also has songs that accompany many of her illustrations and give a further insight to the mood and emotion in each bit of work.

Robert Ball‘s work seems kind of familiar but even though I’ve never seen it before it looks better than I remembered it. Maybe it’s just better than I expect it be. His cartoony, geometric style is nostalgic and comforting but the attention to detail and clever thinking adds a nice little surprise.

Billmund is an illustrator with a mega cool comic book/Disney style. I try to limit the pictures for each post to just three but I had decided on my trio before I saw the mickey mouse hand holding the gun and, well, I’m a sucker for a pencil sketch. Check out his portfolio here for a thoroughly enjoyable visual treat.

The one and only reason I haven’t posted any of Thibaud Herem‘s work before is because when I first saw it it was on a multitude of other blogs. I was late to the party, but now Herem has updated with a few new illustrations and was kind enough to tell us about it. So before the inevitable deluge of his new work spreads its way over the internet I am going to get in early and post it here… enjoy.

Stippling is not a process seen very often, probably because it is so incredibly laborious, but the results are excellent. Renzo Razzetto, a Florida based illustrator, uses the technique to great effect creating abstract and slightly obscene compositions; a welcome change to the standard domain of stippling, the scientific text book.

I love this illustration by Nick Sheehy aka Showchicken. There are lots more exceptional, but more surreal, drawings over on his site. Pilfered from Tobias Hall, thanks.

I’ve wanted to feature the work of Blake Wright for a while now but have been unsure how appropriate his work is for this blog, but after his recent updates I don’t feel I can put it off any longer. The subjects to his work are usually either fashion (especially shoes) or gay culture but every illustration is riddled with Wright’s brilliantly irreverent sense of humour. His style is so casual that it could sometimes be construed as simply bad, but it fits perfectly with the humour in the images. A lot of his work is NSFW and if you aren’t a fan of nob drawings, or at the very least you don’t find them funny, don’t bother visiting his site.

I love both the style and craft of Dutch illustrator, Raymond Lemstra‘s work. His ‘About’ section on his site is also very enlightening, giving a real insight into not just him but how he goes about his work and why.

Here is a very nice collection of some of Philip Castle’s non-commercial illustrations. Castle is best known for the work he did for the Stanley Kubrik films A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket, but his more abstract and satirical illustrations are by far my favourite.

Lord Dunsby is the pseudonym of illustrator Steven Millington. His illustrations are ace, he has a very distinct retro style that lends itself perfectly to illustrations of Emma Peel. Despite having depictions of my favourite Avengers character in is portfolio, I actually prefer his brilliant decorative hand-drawn type.

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre might not be the most modest of names for a set of illustrations but it is doubtlessly fitting. Wilhelm Staehle clearly has a brilliant sense of humour, not only are the postcard illustrations very funny, but even his bio will make you chuckle.


I love the attention to detail in this map by Abigail Daker, I assume that it must be huge and she must have an unbelievable amount of patience. For more illustrated map goodness, check out this great one of Reykjavik’s centre.

Great compositions, tremndous skill and a distinct style, it is therefore no surprise that Ricardo Fumanal is doing so well.

Maricor / Maricar have a lot of spectacular work; I particularly love their stitched typography. They do some pretty amazing things with paper too.

Its been difficult for a while now to find a definitive place to view any of Fafi’s work; her website was a bit vague and although her Cool Cats blog was great it didn’t have as much work on there as I would have liked. Now she has a Tumblr that looks like it will become her online portfolio and to make things even better it has some new work on it. Find it here.

French is a very talented British illustrator, his work has just the right amount of ‘dark’.

Richard Haines’ illustrations are beautifully simple yet, his economy with lines doesn’t stop his drawings expressing the character and likeness of his subjects. Check out his blog here; a style blog where the photos have been replaced with his wonderful sketches. The odd photo does crop up showing you how wonderfully he captures people with his drawings.

I love this image. It’s one of many fine illustrations by Sebastian Pape.

Silence Television, online portfolio of Gianmarco Magnani has recently been updated with some new work. He has turned his very skillful hand at illustrating guitars and girls. These new illustrations do not disappoint but I still prefer the previous theme of their work; girls and vintage motorbikes.

Tod Kapke is an Illustrator and Photographer, who creates all his own models, sets and costumes in order to produce his work, which ranges from manipulated to straight photo-illustration. I respect the time and effort he dedicates to all the processes involved, from idea to finished piece.